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1-day Greek cooking lessons at Margarita Studios in Ambelas, Paros, Greece

greek cooking lessons

One day cooking class

One Day Cooking Class 

One Day Cooking Class, Our most popular introductory class !

If you are on holiday in Paros, Greece, but you don’t have the time for a full culinary vacation, we offer you a one-day cooking class.
 Enjoy a one-day hands-on cooking lesson with Stella, the most trusted gastronomic specialist on the island, who introduces you to the authentic Greek cuisine. 
Our Greek cooking lessons were voted one of the top ten things to do in Paros by Trip Advisor!
 Join us for one or more fun mornings or evenings in the kitchen for a hands-on Greek cooking class concentrating on the traditional foods and wines of this beautiful island. 
Join us in the kitchen and see, smell & taste the real Greece with us!
Discover step by step how to prepare a satisfying full Greek meal ranging from appetizers to desserts including the art of making phyllo for spanakopita or moussaka 
Learn how to make your favourite Greek dish, such as lamp in the oven, beef onion stew (stifado),fish soup,  marinated octopus, stuffed tomatoes, dolmadakia or roasted pork in a lemon rosemary sauce , fried zucchinis balls, tomato balls, tzatziki or loukoumades (the greek donuts) & baklava . 
There will be hands-on instructions given throughout the day and also new tips and techniques. 
Get the Parian recipes, enjoy specialties accompanied with local wine and impress your friends back home!
It will make your vacation unforgettable! 


Program Details

Half day hands-on Greek cooking class (4-5 recipes) 
Meal with water 
1 instructor (speaking English fluently)
Margarita’s greek cooking apron
Recipes  given to everyone to take home
Greek coffee and discussion on history behind dishes cooked on the day 


Just remember, the most important ingredient of our recipes is love! 

We usually need minimum 3 persons, max.10, to set a course

Program Info : One day Cook with us 
Meeting point : ’Margarita’s’ restaurant in Ambelas 
Dates: Monday to Friday on request 
Months : April , May, June, September & October 
Multi-course meal 10:30-14:30pm or 16:00–20:00am
Cost per person € 60 per person payable at the time of the lesson
( excluding drinks and wine)
 Number of Participants: minimum 1 person, max. 8/10

Our Most Popular Menu
(Starters): Tzatziki , garlic dip , fried zucchinis balls, tomato balls,dolmadakia ,spinach pie, saganaki cheese

Main dish: moussaka, stuffed tomatoes, Rosemary/garlic/lemon roasted lamb or pork , fish soup, beans soup ,lents soup

Dessert: Baklava, rizogalo ,loukoumades, galaktobureko chocolate mosaic 
Many more menus are available and we always ask our clients if they have special requests and if there is any food allergy.



We are located in Ambelas, 3 kms from Naoussa and you can reach us by taxi, bike or car. The Cooking Classes are informal, and are in English. 
We are flexible and willing to add those special dishes you have always wanted to learn how to cook. 
Recipes vary according to the seasons and we use only the most fresh ingredients available in the market, bringing you closer to the authentic Greek experience. 
There might be some changes in the menu according to the cook's choice. 
We use only the most fresh ingredients available, the majority of which come from the vegetable garden of different farmers ! 
The sequence of activities might change, subject to weather and to the availability of certain ingredients. 
All-vegetarian menu or menus with dietary restrictions are available upon request.
 Of course, you can pay us at the end of our workshop ,but please note that we prefer cash 
Please let us know if you would like a transfer when booking.
The cost per person: 8 - 10 Euros. 
Taking photos is encouraged as well as drinking wine and singing your favorite Greek song as we prepare our feast. 
Enroll now !
Register early, as availability is limited. If you are interested in a specific menu shopping excursion or private cooking tour, please do not hesitate to ask, and we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. If you need information about additional activities and other sightseeing tours of the area, we can also make them available upon request.

Call +302284052362 or email info@margaritastudios.com

greek cooking lessons

Love Greece Love Cooking

Hands-on Cooking Classes in an Authentic Greek Kitchen in the island of Paros! 
When the family recipes are passed from one generation to the other by word of mouth, they become priceless, the table becomes the center of the family, echoing laughter, discussions and decisions. 
Join us in the kitchen and see, smell & taste the real Greece with us! Our cooking holidays are relaxed, fun and hands-on. They take place in the kitchen of Margarita’s restaurant, with everyone working in a group with the chef. We only take small groups of people, so that everyone can get truly involved. 
You have the chance to meet new people, make new friends and learn a few culinary secrets from Stella, the most trusted gastronomic specialist on the island, ready to introduce you to authentic Greek recipes. 
The philosophy of Greek food is ‘simple but tasty’ and the recipes you will learn are the ones you can bring home and recreate in your own kitchen with ingredients that can be found all over the world. Participants cook and enjoy dishes prepared only with fresh, organic and natural ingredients. 
A complete meal that includes appettizers, vegetable or meat dishes and desserts, is prepared on a daily basis. We are happy to welcome you in the family, food lovers, lovers of Greece, lovers of Greek food, foodies, travellers! 
Join us for a real Greek experience with delicious, authentic, organic food.

P.S.: If you are curious traveller who wants to learn more, you can read all about us in the trip advisor reviews

Call +302284052362 or email info@margaritastudios.com