Why visit Paros island

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Why visit the island of Paros (Cyclades, Greece)

Why Paros?


Paros has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.
Sandy beaches of Paros are uncountable; some catering to an active crowd (good for people watching), some small and out-of-the-way for just the two of you.
The water, the air is clear and you can only get healthy food: plenty of sea food, fruits and vegetables. It’s a perfect place to rejuvenate.
A light breeze is constantly blowing that can be very pleasant on hot summer days.
Paros have a very mild climate, you can swim in the sea from beginning of May until end of October so for basically half a year.
No place on the island is more than 15 minutes from any other place.
There is not a big airport in Paros and that’s why the island has succeeded in retaining its original character.
Paros is safe. You can leave your car open, put the key under the door mat and leave the kids to bicycle freely. Crime is very low, not exist!
Greeks speak languages on the island - English, French and German – but you will realise that learning a bit of Greek is good fun and will help getting by with the locals.
Because you need to calm down and Greece's "no problem" philosophy provides the perfect antidote to your work and family stressed life.