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Breakfast at Margarita Studios



BREAKFAST 8:30 and 11:00 AM.

Paying special attention to detail, every morning Stella prepares the breakfast buffet which is  served daily at the pool and restaurant area accompanied by the extraordinary view to the swimming pool and the sea. As a member of the Aegean Cuisine* we are always adding local dishes, introducing our hotel guests to the special character of Cyclades and to the gastronomic culture of the Aegean Sea islands. A good breakfast makes for the best start for an enjoyable, eventful day in Paros, whether your plans include swimming in Kolymbithres or Santa Maria beach, hiking to the Environmental Park of Paros or just exploring the island of Paros with buggies. You’ll be amazed!

Our breakfast offers everything your heart (and stomach) could ever wish for. Our guests have the opportunity to enjoy the breakfast of their taste from a variety of choices: First, there is the freshly baked bread from the traditional bakery of Naoussa, the well known Paros rusks or warm, crusty bread directly from our oven, toasts and homemade pies. Traditional “dakos" is also available: rusk with finely chopped tomato, feta cheese or fresh cream cheese of Paros, capers and extra virgin olive oil. Freshly squeezed juices from Greek oranges, lemons & fresh milk. Dairy products include among others "feta" cheese PDO, fresh cream cheese of Paros, as well as “xinomizithra’ coming directly from local farmers. Yoghurt is accompanied with "spoon sets” and organic marmalades, all products of “Margarita" , Greek butter, hazelnut praline and thyme honey from Cycladic producers.
There are also various cereals, fresh and dried fruit, raisins, almonds and walnuts. The marmalades come from the trees and arbors of our garden. We personally collect the fruit and make marmalades without preservatives that contain pieces of orange, apricot, figs, strawberries, grapes, apple & kiwi, or marmalades made of rose, geranium or flavoured with cinammon. Margarita’s figs are also a good reason to visit us! From the gardens around the hotel, the girls of Margarita collect, during summer time, the figs, and we serve them fresh in the buffet.  There is a different dessert selection every day. You can find fluffy cakes in various flavours, homemade cookies, our famous orange pie, classic plain, or chocolate filled croissants.

In the rich Cycladic buffet of the hotel, which rotates weekly, we also have "loukoumi" from Paros pastry shop, "pasteli" with sesame and thyme honey, traditional "ryzogalo" (a sweet rice putting with cinnamon) grandma’s "tiganites",  which are the Parian equivalent to pancakes, served with local thyme honey, hot "loukoumades",  Greek donuts , "avgofetes" (French toast) and semolina halva.
Our free range eggs coming straight from the hens we breed in the hotel’s backyard are prepared daily in different ways (fried, boiled, scrambled, "strapatsada" with fresh tomato, and baked omelette with ham and vegetables (omelettes are made according to the guest’s different needs)
In addition, there is a variety of fresh fruit and organic, seasonable vegetables, such as tomatoes , cucumbers, peppers, olives from the gardens of the hotel and our own home made olive oil.

And of course, no breakfast buffet is complete without coffee! A special selection of coffees is available: traditional aromatic Greek coffee, filter coffee, cold frappe & hot Nescafe, Espresso & Cappuccino, classic or iced  (freddo). If you prefer tea instead of coffee there also multiple choices. “Sage” or “mountain tea” are some of the traditional tea flavours made by handpicked herbs from the mountains of Paros and other Cycladic islands!

Greek breakfast buffet is served between 8:30 and 11:00 AM. 
Price: 12 euros per person 

Free of charge for children up to the age of 6 

Lighter Bites
If you’re not a full breakfast fan, you can get coffee toast and jam from just 6 euros, choose from a selection of cereals, from cornflakes to muesli, or even have a hearty bowl of fruits to keep you satisfied until lunchtime.



*Aegean Cuisine: http://www.aegeancuisine.org/ 

The AegeanCuisine initiative is a network of member-businesses in the southern Aegean islands whose aim is to introduce visitors to the Aegean experience. It was founded to explore and exploit the wealth of Aegean oenogastronomy, to highlight local products and wines, and to promote thematic tourism in these islands.