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Paros Herbs, Cheese and Wine


Paros Herbs, Cheese & Wine

Day tour
Brand new!!!
Experience firsthand the real Greece and the benefits of the healthy greek
aegean cuisine. Surprise your palate with Paros wines made the old way ideally
combined with different types of Greek cheese in the island of Paros.

Stella will take you completely off the beaten path, leading you to beautiful, tranquil
and delicious destinations.

First stop, the award-winning Winery-Museum in Naoussa village, where Stella is
going to introduce you to the history of the winery, the family of the owners and and
the cultural aspects of the island of Paros.
You can also purchase their award-winning wine.
Wine tasting will also be available.

Have you ever tried to collect herbs ?
Our next stop will be on our way to the mountain sides of Lefkes village. A world of
aromas and herbs used in teas and homeopathic treatments by the ancient Greeks
for healing purposes, they are grow naturally, still used today and now offered for
your cooking skills.

Next up, Katerina ,a certified Parian cheese maker, will be expecting us in
breathtaking remote setting above Drios, where you’ll learn everything there is to
know about traditional cheese making and enjoy a variety of local yoghurt & cheeses.
You can also purchase her cheeses. Cheese tasting will also be available.

Program Info : Paros Herbs, Cheese & Wine Trails
Meeting point : ’Margarita’s’ restaurant in Ambelas
Dates: Monday to Friday on request
Months : April , May, June, September & October
Duration: Approx. 4 hours (10am-2pm)
Cost per person € 80 per person payable at the time of the lesson
Includes: Tastings on each stop, transportation
Not included: Personal expenses
Capacity 4-8 participants
*Minimum number of participation 4 people.
Groups (Minimum 10 participants – Maximum 30 participants): Upon Request
We can accept different bookings until the minimum number of participants is
reached. We can cancel bookings in case the minimum number of participants is not
If an event is cancelled then all participants will be notified within 24 hours of the
commencement date for the event and have the option to reschedule to another
event or receive a full refund.

Call +302284052362 or email [email protected]


greek cooking lessons

Love Greece Love Cooking

Hands-on Cooking Classes in an Authentic Greek Kitchen in the island of Paros! 
When the family recipes are passed from one generation to the other by word of mouth, they become priceless, the table becomes the center of the family, echoing laughter, discussions and decisions. 
Join us in the kitchen and see, smell & taste the real Greece with us! Our cooking holidays are relaxed, fun and hands-on. They take place in the kitchen of Margarita’s restaurant, with everyone working in a group with the chef. We only take small groups of people, so that everyone can get truly involved. 
You have the chance to meet new people, make new friends and learn a few culinary secrets from Stella, the most trusted gastronomic specialist on the island, ready to introduce you to authentic Greek recipes. 
The philosophy of Greek food is ‘simple but tasty’ and the recipes you will learn are the ones you can bring home and recreate in your own kitchen with ingredients that can be found all over the world. Participants cook and enjoy dishes prepared only with fresh, organic and natural ingredients. 
A complete meal that includes appettizers, vegetable or meat dishes and desserts, is prepared on a daily basis. We are happy to welcome you in the family, food lovers, lovers of Greece, lovers of Greek food, foodies, travellers! 
Join us for a real Greek experience with delicious, authentic, organic food.

P.S.: If you are curious traveller who wants to learn more, you can read all about us in the trip advisor reviews

Call +302284052362 or email [email protected]