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Frequently Asked Questions - Margarita Studios and Paros


Frequently asked questions about paros and margarita studios

This is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Hope you find the answers helpful.

What is the currency of Greece?


What is the telephone code for Greece?

If you're calling from abroad, the international telephone code for Greece is 0030 (+30)

What about Passport and Visa Requirements?

Your passport is certainly required.  Also if you need to rent a car or a motorbike you will need your driving license.European citizens can just use valid Identification cards. No visa required. 
Visa is required, if you come from the USA, Canada, Russia or Australia. Requirements vary and should be verified with the local Greek Embassy in each of these countries.
What kind of water is being used in the pool?
Freshwater is used in the pool.
Is the accommodation pet-friendly?
Yes, pets are allowed upon request (at the time of booking). Please note, that pets need to be well-behaved and quiet and that they are not allowed on the beds.

What type of electrical source is available in Greece?

Greece has 220 volt electricity and plugs are different than in the U.S. or UK, meaning that, you’ll need a converter or transformer.

What do I need to bring with me?

Remember that you are going to a warm climate. Lightweight or jogging shoes are recommended for the walks in the island village. You will definitely need a bathing suit, shorts and warm weather clothing, windbreaker, sunglasses,  hat, your suntan lotion and moisture cream, and a light jacket also. However, in case you’ve forgotten to pack any of this, you can find anything you need at the shops in Paros.
What will the weather be like?

Greece has over than 300 days of sunshine a year. April, May and June, September and October are probably the best months in our island... 
In July and August things get hotter. Morning and  afternoon hours are fine but the rest of the day is a bit hotter. You can always check on www.weather.com before you depart to see what the latest weather conditions have been.

Why should one stay out-of-town in a small village like Ambelas?

Staying in Ambelas has its own advantages: The feeling of the morning breeze to your face, the joy of having your breakfast on a balcony overlooking the Aegean Sea, the ability to get to the beach in 5 minutes (walking distance) or to be able to get to Naoussa in 5 minutes (by car),  are some of the indisputable advantages Ambelas has to offer. If you're looking for the homely touch, a real Greek experience, wonderful, carefree holidays in beautiful, natural surroundings then Ambelas and Margarita Studios will not disappoint you. We are a family run hotel and as such we continuously strive to provide accommodation and facilities with family values in mind. This is the ideal place to bring the whole family!

Are rates per room or per person? Do they include taxes?

Our rates are per room and per night, VAT (13 %) is included.

How can I book on day ?

For on day bookings, as a guarantee we require an available mobile phone number, as the credit card data of the client (number and expiring date.)

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept credit cards for the payment of the hotel.

Can I use my credit card everywhere in Paros?

Not all businesses in Paros accept payment by credit card, so always have some cash on you. You will find several ATMs in Paroikia or Naoussa.

What about the transportation of the island?

 Frequent bus schedules or taxi are available. Alternatively there are a lot of car and motorbike rental companies. 
Ask one of the staff at Margarita Studios for Motorcycle/moped or car deals and tips.

How do I get to your hotel?

The easiest way to get to our accommodation would be with a rental car. We can arrange it for you and you can find it at your arrival, without delay!
Otherwise, if you’ve chosen to reach your accommodation on your own: 
-From the airport or the port you will have to take a taxi or a public bus, if one is available at the time of your arrival. 

How far is Ambelas bus-stop to get to the Naoussa centre?

The bus stop is about 10min walk 

How often is the bus connection?

Usually it’s five times daily.

is it easy to get a taxi?
Taxis are the best option for visitors who do not wish to drive during their stay in Paros. You can arrange a pick-up from the airport, the port, our hotel or even get one on the street. A good tip it to keep the mobile phone number of every taxi you pick up on the street so that you can call them later and arrange for them to pick you up. It would be better if you book a taxi in advance, especially during high season.
Here to help you !

Does the hotel offer a car, motorbike and bicycle rental service?

There are numerous car and bike rental agencies throughout the island. You will need your driving license but leave a copy rather than the document itself with the rental agency. Check the details of any insurance you take out to avoid any nasty shocks should you have an accident and make sure of the condition, (i.e. scratches and other damages) of the car before you leave. Always wear seat-belts / helmets and never drink and drive.
What time is the check out?

Check out time is 11:00 AM. If needed, we are more flexible.

What time is breakfast served?

We serve breakfast buffet from 8:30 to 11:00 in the morning. If required, we can serve it earlier.

Are there other restaurants close to the hotel?

Ambelas is well-known for the good restaurants with fresh sea food.
Mama Margarita who does the cooking in our restaurant insists on using only fresh and pure ingredients, never frozen meats or fish .She loves cooking and wants every customer to be delighted with her meal and prepares each dish with love .Prices are very inexpensive especially when considering the taste, the surroundings and facilities.

How many beaches are in Ambelas?

It has three lovely sandy beaches. We are 200 m from the middle one.
Do you provide a safety box?
Yes, we do. Every room regardless room type has a safety box which is provided free of charge.

Can I drink tap water?

We would recommend you not to drink the tap water because it is a bit heavy for the stomach. It has a lot of minerals, so if you don't like it or want to be cautious, buy water, you can find it easily anywhere. You can cook using tap water.

Where can I get medical treatment in an emergency?

There is a public Health Center in Parikia(tel. +30 22843 60000) operating 24/7, where you will be treated for free, but if possible take your ID and any health-insurance certificate you have with you. There is also a private Medical Center in Parikia & one in Naoussa.  First aid centers are located in most of the villages of Paros (Naoussa, Lefkes, Marpissa, Ageria, Kostos, Marmara).
Alternatively, there are private doctors of various specialties throughout the island.
 If it is a small problem, it may be enough to go to a pharmacy. The pharmacists are highly trained and can help you in many cases.

 Why does one have to throw toilet paper in the bin?
Because the drainage pipes are so small they will block in many places.

Does the hotel offer free wifi?
Yes, free wi-fi is available in all public areas of the hotel and the rooms.

Does the hotel provide a port / airport transfer service?
The hotel does not provide a transfer service, however we would happily arrange for you a transfer from the port/airport and vice-versa through a taxi service. Please note that due to high volumes of guests during specific time periods, any booking should be made at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid any inconveniences.

Do you offer Laundry Cleaning Service?
Absolutely! We offer next day cleaning for articles handed in before 10:00am Monday to Saturday .
Laundry/Valet bags and forms are available in the bedroom closet.