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Green Policy at Margarita Studios - a boutique hotel in Paros


Green Policies

In Margarita Studios, we are deeply committed to doing good.

We Care has to do with caring about what is going on – even outside our hotel door, which is really about us taking responsibility, giving back to the society we are part of. 
Here at Margarita's Studios we consider it our obligation to act for the benefit of society at large.


What we do 

As it has been done in our island for centuries, we collect organic waste and offer it for utilization to the neighbouring farms. Also, we also refill glass bottles with wine, vinegar or olive oil and jars are used for our home made jams and/or our olives.

Our restaurant serves drinks contained in recyclable materials, for example beer in glass bottles or soft drinks in aluminium cans..
We are committed to minimizing our waste to the fullest.
Hotel staff collect all types of paper, plastic and glass from the rooms and the restaurant and empty them in the blue recycling bins provided by the Municipality.  An organized recycling program is running in the island of Paros since 2008.

Batteries from TV controls and A/C remote controls are collected and handed in once a month at recycling points in Paroikia, the capital of Paros. 
 We value the importance of hotel linen and towel quality to our beloved guests, and are happy to announce our cooperation with Paros Aegean Clean, starting from the summer of 2016. Our mission: to provide our guests with exceptionally biological clean & high quality linen and towels. All laundry is done at the hotel and dried out in the sun, without the use of dryers.
 Margarita Studios respects the wish of its guests to use fresh towels every day. Nevertheless, it is true that large amounts of towels are not necessary every time, so we would like to ask you to hang the ones that you intend to use for another time. If you want your towel to be replaced you can just leave it on the floor.

There are thermostats in each room and magnetic traps on the windows to stop heating or cooling when the window is open. Key entry systems cards have been installed to hotel rooms. When guests leave the rooms, electricity goes off.

All external lights have been replaced with low energy ones and timers have been installed to decrease the energy that is being consumed.

Our hot water is solar heated.

The garden is planted with bushes, greek herbs, and trees which are adjusted to the weather conditions so that they don’t demand a lot of watering.
In our land we are blessed with natural underground water wells, but during the summer we take the necessary measures and strongly encourage our clients to save water as well. The water system was designed in a way that part of our grey water and the water from the showers of the pool can be reused for the garden.

We have an underground rainwater collecting system and we water our trees, vegetable gardens, and flowers with it. 

We grow our own organic herbs, olives, some fruits and vegetables, and we use whatever is in season in the preparation of meals. 

At our restaurant we use our own olive oil for cooking and all our food is seasonable. We harvest the olives in the traditional way. We have our own vegetable garden from where we pick the vegetables to make fresh, healthy and delicious salads.
The kitchen oil is also collected for recycling.

Margarita studios and restaurant is a pioneer of #cleanblueparos campaign by stopping the use of plastic straws. Sustainability is not an alternative but a new way to see things. 
Let’s make our everyday life more beautiful apart from meaningful.
Let’s beat plastic pollution with reusable steel straws, now available in PAROS on Margarita Restaurant & Studios.
 Drink with style 

Plastic is not fantastic 
#saynotoplastic#refuseplasticstraws, #cleanblueparos#plasticfreegreece#plasticfreecyclades#plasticfreeparos 


Buying local

Ambelas is a rural county, a small fishing village in the island of Paros and this means that we are spoilt with excellent local producers and suppliers on our doorstep, and we do take full advantage of this. For the customer, this means fresher ingredients, less miles travelled, traceability and supporting the rural economy. We support local producers, farmers and suppliers of products, especially providers of various home grown vegetables or local fish, local cheese, sweets etc.

Our philosophy is to encourage a harmonious relationship between our visitors, who come from all over the world, and the local population. 

In our restaurant we have a modest selection of Parian wines, made by locals, and our honey comes from the local bee-keepers.

We always try to offer Greek products during your stay with us, as they are fresher, they cost less, and offer and excellent way for an immersion into the authentic Greek experience and lifestyle. 


You can help us

Please, be sure to turn off your lights, A/C and TV whenever you are not using them.

Please don't leave the tap running when you take a shower, or brush your teeth.


Thank you for participating in our effort!