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Things to do in Paros, Greece

things to do in paros

Paros, Things to do

No one wants to look like a tourist. 
We’ve got all the inside tips and tricks you need to make the ISLAND OF PAROS your own.

Paros has everything from history, rural idyl, nice villages, whitewashed cubic houses & impressive neoclassical houses, beautiful beaches by the dozen and so many wonderful tavernas all over the island. 


  1. Discover the island by renting a scooter ,an ATV or a car and drive landward!
    It’s a must! The island isn’t that big, you go round in about 65 kilometres, so you won’t get lost. Paros is just a big circle where you drive for an hour & a half and you pretty much finished touring the island. ( Make sure your rental includes helmets and some sort of storage for your bag.)

2. Make it a Beach Day, or Two 
Most people come to the Greek islands in search of sand and sun and you’ll have no problem finding just that all around Paros.
Make the effort and find White Cliff , Aspros Gremos ,not 300m away from Margarita Studios , a small very protected from the north winds natural beach pool is waiting you with its shallows crystal clear waters
Don't miss Lageri Beach, with white sand and spectacular sand dunes, and cedars trees offering the requested privacy for the lovers of unspoiled nature.
There are a lot of beautiful spots in Paros where you can spend your day, swimming in Kolymbithres ,crazy rocks creating small “swimming pools”, or Santa Maria beach Wolden beach Chrysi Akti, Pounta Bar Beach , Krios ,Marchello, but also Faraggas and Aliki. 
On the west, people tend to ignore Molos which is an interesting sandy beach with shallows waters and there is a small section called Kalogiros, surrounded by red and green clay rocks offers a really nice spa for free! There people cover themselves on argil clay and let it bake under sun before taking swam to clean up, offering their selves a natural spa! 
An other hidden secret is Mikri (=Small) Santa Maria, a further section through dirty roads of Santa Maria beach up north, with sand dunes. If you are really quiet, you may be lucky to see one of the many wild rabbits living in the area hopping a few meters around you! 

3. Take in Ambelas a walk 
From the main square of Ampelas to Santa Maria is almost 3 km long. Follow the seafront road from the square to the north. This will take you to the characteristic rocky islet of Philizi. From that point, after you pass the houses, walk along the beach until you reach Santa Maria.
Or in one night under the full moon next to the sea.

4.Take a romantic stroll in Paroikia,
First stop at  Church of Panagia Ekatontapilliani, (Our Lady of a Hundred Doors), in one of the best-preserved churches in Greece, built around A.D. 300 by Saint Helen. The church also was constructed on the ruins of the ancient Temple of Apollo. 
Behind the Panagia Ekatontapyliani, the Archaeological Museum, is a cool escape into the island’s past. It harbours some marvellous pieces, including a 5th century BC. Take the left side Gravari Street, where one meets neoclassic mansions and manors of the Venetian times, with giant marble arches, columns, arcades, churches and the water fountains of Lord Mavrogenis. Continue your stroll towards the central market place and reach the castle, thus discovering the old traditional village. Grab a cocktail and don't forget to see the sunset from the hill at Agia Anna & the church of Agios Konstantinos in Parikia.

5.Take a stroll in cosmopolitan Naoussa,
In the picturesque little port with its colorful rowboats and sailboats, the sounds of the 'Tratas' (fishing boats), of the children laughing and running and the smell of grilled Gouna and Octopus. Lose yourself in the narrow alleys and the paved walkways while being greeted by the locals who still sit in front their houses on stone benches in the evenings, talking about the day that passed.

6 Take a stroll in Lefkes
It’ s probably the most famous mountainous village in Paros island, a walk from the entrance of the village towards the church of the Holy Trinity (Agia Triada), the proud jewel of the village, brings you across a lot of neoclassic mansions harmonized with the Cycladic architecture. Get a taste of the uniqueness of the village: the tidiness of the locals, their respect for the artistic Cycladic character and their neat balconies and terraces filled with blooming basil plants, bougainvilleas and carnations.

7. If you are into hiking,
Visit the Environmental Park of Paros located at Monastiri beach, or take the Byzantine path from Lefkes all the way to village Prodomos. This village keeps the serenity and the traditional colour of an era that it has been passed. A stroll in Piso Livadi with its tranquil small port and then to Logara with traditional restaurants on the beach and a beautiful sandy beach with clean waters.

8. Marathi Marble Querries , On the way to Lefkes, you'll pass along where the famous fine white Parian marble comes from, prized by ancient sculptors for its soft consistency and translucency. Many Greek masterpieces such as the Venus from Milos, have been sculpted in this finest marble variety.

9. Paros, crystallizes as the sporty island. 
Water sports can be done on nearly every beach of the island!
Kite surfing can be done in Pounta, Golden Beach. Windsurfing in Pounta, Ambelas, Tsoukalia, New Golden Beach (Tserdakia), SUP in Antiparos, Golden Beach, Environmental Naoussa Paros Park. Scuba Diving is offered in Pounta and Aliki.
 If you are not that much into water sports, get a pair of goggles and discover the blue underworld of the sea by snorkeling.

10. Valley of Butterflies, 
Don’t miss to pay a visit at, an idyllic landscape with dense vegetation. The park is open from June to September from 9 am to 8 pm. During the summer the butterflies cover literally the leaves of the trees! It is amazing to see them flying because the colour under the wings is bright red, unlike the rest of the body which is dark! Visitors are amazed by this heavenly place which is quite uncommon in Cyclades and dry islands.

11 Go Dancing ! Paros, what a vibrant nightlife !
After so much hiking and swimming, what comes better than a great Greek party near the sea? I love Paroikia and especially Naoussa... this lively white port town is ideal if you're looking for a night out. Many restaurants along the sea offer the catch of the day of the Mediterranean sea. Enjoy your after dinner cocktail in one of the many trendy rooftop bars before heading to one of the numerous clubs in town and many young people gather there every night. Don't miss to dance a round of Balos ,local folklore music, along with the locals at one of the festivals, and of course taste some of the delicious fish dishes and Parian wine.

12.Take a trip to Antiparos for the day via the car ferry, or explore Antiparos by boat. 
Take the small boat and visit Antiparos. Walking to the stone paved streets of the traditional village of Antiparos, you will feel the real atmosphere of the lovely island. Visit the famous cave with Stalagmite and Stalactite, the beautiful beaches and organize a tour to Despotiko Island with many ancient treasures. In the year 2000, archaeologists discovered the remains of a 2.500 year old Apollo temple on Despotiko. Part of it has been excavated but there is thought to be lots more just below the surface.
You can also sail around the island Antiparos for five hours including a barbecue. You’ll stop at several places to swim. They brought goggles and snorkels that we could use to view the busy sealife down us. Jumping of a boat however is much fun

13. Greece is a foodie’s heaven and Paros is no exception
The island is famous for its seafood and cheeses includinggraviera and xinomyzithra). Paros is also famous for their own anise flavored spirit called souma.  

14. We want the Margarita studios to be a complete escape for you, somewhere you can recharge your batteries and get away from the everyday. 
Whether it's daily yoga classes overlooking the ocean, meditation courses on our next door taos centre, at the beach or yoga in nature, our hotel offer fantastic and unexpected yoga holidays. Wellness at its best